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Dryer Vent Fires
This has been around the press lately. News articles and tv reporting have alerted us to the risk of dryer vent fires. The cause of those fires is normally mist that has developed over the years and caused a blockage of this dryer vent. As clothes are dried, the warmth is displaced out of their clothes and also into the vent at which it combines with sterile lint and forms a papier maiche like material. Additionally, it dries to form a tough blockage in the vent pipe which won’t allow the hot air to escape. Now, the congestion generates back pressure and over heats the dryer port which causes the fire danger. It really is one of those ideas that is out of sightout of mind until it happens. There are subtle hints that it’s time to get dryer vent inspection, maintenance and cleaning but unless you are aware enough to observe that the clothes are taking longer to wash or that your drier looks thicker to the touch, then you will probably overlook the early indicators. That’s why it is so important to develop a regular maintenance schedule.

· Inspect and dryer vent    clean the lint filter of your own dryer before each and every use.
· Post a small hint in the laundry room to ensure that you wont forget.
· Schedule reviews, cleaning and maintenance of the comprehensive drier port system annually.
· ensure that the system maintenance is accomplished by a qualified professional.

Also be aware that some times excess lint buildup is caused by the inferior design and installation of this dryer vent system. Extended port runs, vertical vents and port systems with a lot of springs can cause a unique hardship on the efficiency of your dryer. Often times these approaches require a blower assist fan to help address the problem. The blower support enthusiast is a somewhat straightforward setup that is in the attic of your house. As the fan can be an additional expense, it’ll be well worth it. Whenever your dryer is operating at peak operation, it will use less energy. You will save money and recuperate the price of the fan in no time.

Remember, with a little hard work and by following the above suggestions, you will have peace of mind knowing you and your family are safe from dryer vent fires.

Maintaining Maintaining

Dryer vent should always be cleaned on a regular basis as this would help the product to last for a longer time period. You will see that the dryer lint that is inside the vent is highly flammable and it can also cause vent fires. The dryer has an exhaust system with the help of which the water evaporated from the clothes is removed. You will see that if the motor of the exhaust system over heats then this can easily cause dryer fire.

In this article, I would basically like to highlight some safety tips that would surely help you in preventing dryer vent fires.

• You must clean your lint trap very carefully before drying your clothes in the system, also make sure that there are no rips or craps on the surface. The screen of the vent should be scrubbed and cleaned properly with a good washing detergent Dryer vent.

• While the dryer is operating, you must check the exterior to see whether you can feel airflow and the flaps of the system moving.

• If there is lint on the floor from your dryer vent then it is sign for you to clean the vent as soon as possible. Another sign to look for is if your clothes drying cycle is taking more than the required time.

• Clothes that have been soaked in flammables should never be dried in the dryer as this can cause fire inside the vent..

• These days there are various cleaning objects like brushes, rods and high powered drills that can be used for cleaning the interior of the vent. If you are not sure how to clean the vent then it would be best for you to take the help of a professional cleaner. They would be able to tell you about the appropriate objects that can be used for cleaning this equipment.

• You must never use products that can cause damage to the vent.

• Sometimes you also have to change the exhaust, the vent roof and the exit duct in order to make sure that you dryer works properly and efficiently.

• If you have an old dryer then you must also reduce the dryer cycle time. This is another way through which you can prevent fires.

I am sure this article would surely help you in cleaning and maintaining your dryer in an efficient manner. The tips would also help you in fighting with dryer fires.