Expert Product Photography Tips for the DIY Enthusiast


Product photography is the art of photographing a product by itself against a plain background. A plain background will help to remove distractions out of this product. But whilst photography of this type will seem to be straight forward enough the truth is it’s not. Item photography is interesting if you want to sell a few individual items on eBay and getting it right way that you sell far more products than you otherwise would. Nevertheless, when it comes to attempting to sell commercial services and products that this form of commercial photography takes a lot more knowledge, experience and skill. Here are a number of tips which should allow you to spice up images of the numerous products that you sell online.

The Perfect area

The very basic yet significant part product photography would be your location. For those who have clearly coloured walls you can easily push a desk against the wall, then put a card onto the table and set your product about it. The card should pay part of their wall and have no creases. This will help create a seamless white backdrop.Product photography

Lighting installation

The very next issue you need to complete is to light up your product correctly. The very basic is a two light setup that’s way better than having to rely upon natural sunshine. Massive strobes, speed lights, and sexy lamps are a few things that you should possess. But if you really don’t just two white light lamps can be used on either as of the item. Make sure the light is diffused so you do not ruin the chance with unpleasant shadows that take attention away from this item. A reflector, soft box, shoot reflective and umbrella umbrella can be used to defuse the light.

Require Many shots

It’s wise to take a lot more than 1 shot from various angles of your product. Closeup shots and a couple shots from some space should help add number. It’s also advisable to change the job of the product and adjust the camera standing marginally to catch more amount.


Depending on what you’re selling i.e..the product type and size you can work with a macro lens that can help shoot more descriptive shots. The beauty of macro lenses is they are able to focus tightly on the product from a space and make certain minimum sharpness. Most people who sell personal items on eBay will benefit from investing at a macro lens.

Professional Item pictures

While buying a product that you are likely to sell in an auction site on your own is absolutely alright you will need to employ an expert photographer if you are making your personal brand of goods. Businesses both large and small want to spend money on hiring an experienced commodity photographer with years of knowledge and a rock solid portfolio should they desire successfully market their products. In the modern media rich world becoming detected and gaining credibility is based a lot on high quality product photographs.

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